• Covid 19: Business as Usual!                                                                                                                                                                                     posted 19.03.20

    Covid 19: In line with Government Guidance we have over the last few weeks implemented enhanced hygiene practises, rotational working, along with transferring some of the admin aspects of our work to home working and we are continuing business as usual.


    Our fantastic staff will still be busy offering all our usual services to ensure pupils can still celebrate their friendships & experiences as planned.


    We have put together some tips and additional support material for those who are working hard to provide kids with their usual end of school keepsakes: Organisers Tips If you wish to contact us for help during this period do not phone as our team are working remotely please email instead to

    We appreciate your understanding on this matter and look forward to working with you.

  • Advanced vs Classic Flash Based Yearbook creator!                                                                                                                                              posted 13.01.20

    You can still use our original Classic Creator system for 2020 but because this is a Flash based system it will be phased out by all platforms globally by August 2020. Click here to find out how to enable flash in your browser. Important - if you are continuing after this date/ or you would like to keep your book for further versions you must choose the Advanced creator or your book data will be lost.

    Next year we will just offer our Advanced Book Creator:

    This Book Creator software has full customisation capabilities and a demo facility so have a play!  There is one organisation feature which won't be available however - there will only be one log in, which means it doesn't facilitate whole class simultaneous editing.


  • New Stickers site up and running!                                                                                                                                                                             posted 29.04.19

    Please go to our new and improved new Stickers site -

    We have purchased new kit that will allow for shaped stickers and our new website will also enable us to launch a range of customisable stickers.

    Categories include:

  • Leavers Hoodies Site                                                                                                                                                                                                    posted 26.01.16

    Interested in Leavers Hoodies go to!

    Cauliflower Books also offer a fantastic range of Leavers Hoodies. We are using the popular AWDis Hoodies range and all printing and embroidery is in house. Visit our new website for new information.

    To get your hoodie project started fill in an Enquiry Form on our new site - this needs to be completed and submitted to confirm your price and we will then send you an Order Pack via email. This will include:

    • Your personal link to our online ordering system
    • A suggested letter to parents
    • Printable promotional poster
  • Flash Player for the Original Book Creator                                                                                                                                                               posted 28.03.18

    With the phasing out of Flash Player you may need to give permission for it to run on your machine when you use our Classic Yearbook Builder.

    When you go to use our book builder you may see the Flash Symbol and if so you will be asked to give permission for Flash to run.  This is perfectly safe it is just part of the process of attempting to prompt software developers and users that Flash will eventually be unavailable to use.


    (Once you have allowed it you will normally not be asked for permission again unless you have ticked 'just this once')

  • New Personalised Gifts Site                                                                                                                                                                                        posted 04.05.18

    New for 2018! - Fundraising Gift Site

    We have just launched a new gift site! For this year we are selling personalised embroidered soft toys but will be expanding our product range to other personalised gifts during 2019.

    If parents enter the postcode of their school when they order, 5% of the cost of item they order will be donated to the school.

    Got to: and take a look.

  • Printing Schedule Update for Last 2 Weeks of Term                                                                                                                                              posted 12.07.17

    We are nearing the end of term and we are extremely busy here at Cauliflower Books printing and binding your fantastic year books!

    At this late stage of the term we just want to remind you of some key timescales so that you can plan to have your books printed and ready to distribute to pupils for the date you require.

    For Perfect Bound Books: Please allow 5 working days from placing your order to the date you wish to receive your books.

    For Hardback Books: Please allow a minimum of 10 working days from placing your order to the date you wish to receive your books. Please contact our customer services if you are running late on your hardback book - we will be able to advise you on current time scales. (As of today we are running at a 10 working day turn around)

    Custom work: Will now take up to 5 working days at this busy time - this could significantly delay production of your book, if you require a custom page or a custom layup then please ensure this still fits in with your timescale - if your timescale is tight please double check that we do not have an alternative layout you could use instead.






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