• How it Works

    The Process - Quick Overview

    1. Choose a design from our Make a Start Page

    2. Organise your book Team (if required)

    3. Collect photos and poems

    4. Perhaps hold a poetry workshop day or collect poems from school work

    5. Populate/ Edit your book

    6. Carefully check your online preview

    7. Collect your orders

    8. Place your Order online

    9. Delivery of your order

  • Time Scales

    Minimum time scale to collect photographs, populate / edit your book and receipt of ordered copies is

    2 to 3 weeks.

  • Costs

    Softback Poetry Books are from £4.00 for 50 pages.

    Hardback Poetry Books are from £9.00 for 50 pages.


    They are both A5 and are in full colour.

    It is 10p for additional sets of 2 pages.




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