books - frequently asked questions

System admin & organisation

How do I get your site unblocked?

There is a process in place for a teacher to unblock a site if you wish to use it. The teacher at your school responsible for ICT should be able to get this done fairly quickly with a request being made to the department that manages your ICT (usually your Local Authority provider) you will need to quote our website address.

Why was your site blocked when I tried to access your site from school?

All school web service providers (usually your local authority) run an automated scanning program to block access to sites to child users. The software used is different from one authority to another and picks up on different attributes of a site and blocks them accordingly. When we recently revamped our website we used some animation to promote our products and some of our regular customer found our site suddenly BLOCKED AS ADVERTISING. Our site is specifically designed for young users, is password protected and does not run promotional advertising for third parties therefore it was easy for our customers to have our site quickly unblocked.

What quality of photos do I need?

For the passport sized photo slots - Low resolution photographs can be used for the passport sized photographs and these will upload quickly and will print well. Higher resolution photos are also fine but will just take longer to upload. For the A6 photo slots - Higher resolution would be needed (HQ setting on the camera) These are usually around 1-1.5 Mb or more in memory. Low quality mode photographs will print with a grainy appearance in these larger photo slots.

Can I use photographs taken by a school photographer?

School Group and Portrait photography will be subject to copyright by your school photographer. Your school may have a deal which allows use of the photographs - check with your school office. If there is no deal then it is general practise for photographers to allow use of the photographs for a set fee. Please note that TEMPEST do not offer such an option to you - they have a policy to pass all fees for Copyright to the printers and will not negotiate with you on this matter.

Can I use the same fonts used in your yearbook design to create a new page?

We used Google fonts in our book designs which anybody using the system has access to by downloading onto their own computer. Please see our download guide to help download the fonts used in our books: How to use Goolge fonts for our yearbook designs (pdf).

Is there a minimum order

No with the expection of the Photobook Micro which has an miniumum order of 10 books. Free P&P for orders over 5 books (5 books and under £3.50 P&P).

Do you provide a VAT invoice?

We provide an invoice but books are currently 0% VAT rated so our book invoices do not include a reclaimable VAT amount.

What do I need in way of a computer set up?

The minimum you would need would be PC with internet connection and a recent version of Flash on your PC. Our online system will automatically detect and update this for you. (If you have an externally managed network at your school then you may need to log in as 'administrator' to allow the update to take place).

How do I reorder a book created in the system?

On the new creator – log into your account, select book and select duplicate and then you can edit book and reorder.

Do we get a reduction on price if we place a large order?

The price does not depend on a minimum run and delivery is included we would ordinarily expect orders between 10 - 120 if you feel you a particularly large order please give us a call and we can consider a deal!

general book questions

Can I use images from last years book?

If you are the same person who organised last year's book you can log back in and create another book for this year! If you are a new organiser we cannot allow you to log in as a previous user as they have used their personal details to create an account - if you wish to log into another person's account you would need to organise this and get permission from them!

Can I see a sample book?

Yes go to the Sample Request Form in the More Info menu and choose the book from the list and fill in the details and we'll send out your sample.

Can we design our own books and you print them for us?

If you are able to provide us with a print ready PDF which we could check over to see that it is in fact ready to print then, we could give you a quote for printing and binding.

Can we customise the layout of the page?

Our new system allows you complete customisation of the page layouts or you can build your own page using the background design.

My school colours are not available can we ask for them?

We will be expanding our colours and we may be able to add yours for future use.

How are your books bound?

Most of our books are Perfect bound option with a laminated cover and you can upgrade to a Hardback in the system.

Cookbooks have another option and this must be chosen when you pick your design; Spiral Bound Cookbooks are a self-standing pull out stand up option.

What is the maximum number if pages?

200 pages (leaf total 100) or the binding will be at risk. There is a maximum amount of pages set in the system and you won’t be able to add any more to your project once reached.

How do I upgrade to a hardback cover?

Here is an upgrade option within our system, click on this and it will adjust the cost and the design to the hardback cover. It is best to do this at the end of imputing information.

The website mentions 36 (40 for Cookbooks, 50 for Photo/Poetry books pages, is that 36 double sided pages or 36 sides?

Single pages

36 sided (leaf total 18)

Do you supply posters, for advertising?

Yes please see our resources sections which has advertising to print for all out projects.