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ORGANISATION - poetry book


  • You have chosen to do a Poetry Book - from our poetry overview page you can demo different book designs by clicking on the designs displayed.

  • Once you have chosen your preferred design, your Poetry book will load with a set of 50 pages that we have selected for you, but you can add, reduce or change any of these pages.

  • Set up your book by choosing which pages you wish to use and how many - you can save your book by creating an account.

  • When you create an account you will have a login to continue with your project or start another one.

Download Our Help Guide


  1. Decide on when you need your books printed by.

  2. Then allow 2-3 weeks for editing your book.

  3. View a digital version of your book on the Book Builder system.

  4. Allow a minimum of a week to collect orders

  5. Softbacks: Allow 5-7 working days for us to print and deliver your order.

  6. Hardbacks: Allow 10 working days.


Tips on Timing...

Allow a minimum of five weeks. This time would be significantly less if you are a small group or can dedicate more time to the job.

Our system provides a range of pre-designed layouts that can be adapted and used for a range of purposes.

  • All page headings and sub headings are editable and can be adapted to your own purpose.

  • We have a good range of background ideas available in each of our design options including some great ideas to help organise your Poetry Book including:

         Contents Page

         Divider Pages

         Photo Pages

  • The pages you choose and the order you display them in is really important to producing a successful book.

  • If you have not started your book we can help you with a custom page - please email for further information.



planning & collecting info

  • You as the Organiser needs to plan how you are going to collect contributions from pupils.

  • You may want each class or year group to complete a particular section of your book or you may want to take a more random approach... work can be completed in class or perhaps set as a homework task.

  • Each poem page has sections for the poem, the poets name and a photograph. Additional contents, photo pages and section dividers are available to help organise your book. Or you can have fun creating some of your own page styles within any of our themes!

  • Pupils can write their poems in word and these can be copied and pasted into our system by the organiser.

  • Handwritten poems can be collected by each class group and handed to the organiser to type in.

  • Pupils could type directly into the book with a rotated login.

  • Each poem page has sections for the poem, the poets name and a photograph. Additional contents, photo pages and section dividers are available to help organise your book. Or you can have fun creating some of your own page styles within any of our themes!


You can easily check through your work by viewing the digital preview generated by the system.

  • It is always a good idea to get a third party to look through your book - different people spot different mistakes and many eyes are likely to provide a more thorough safety net.


Suggested Check list:

  • All pupils are included

  • That headshot photographs match the student

  • The spelling of student names are accurate

  • Spelling is accurate

  • Formatting is similar across the book

  • Headings and captions have been added

  • Photographs are good quality


Photographs & Image

It is never too early to start collecting photographs!

Photo - Quality

Lower quality images can be used in the passport sized boxes. As a guide we recommend a minimum of 1.5MB for any of the photo boxes larger than the passport size. You can check the size of your image by right clicking on an image and selecting properties from the list if you are not sure.


Scanning and /or work saved from Graphic Programs

As long as your work is saved as a JPG these can be uploaded to our system and look great and add a bit of variety. Make sure that you have set your page to an A4 aspect ratio so that the image can be scaled into our photo boxes.


Head and Shoulder Shots for Profile Pages

Head and shoulder shots should be taken as a batch with consistent background. Shots of pupils in their school uniform look more professional for these. Ordinary digital photos taken in good light are perfect.

Organising Photos

Organise your photographs into themes, events and dates. Add photo pages to your book for these different themes or events, in this way you can add relevant headings and titles.

It is a good idea to have a spread sheet of all the participants in the book and ensure that there are an even number of photos of all pupils across the book (as best as possible).



Ensure you are only using images that you have a right use in your book - this will be a judgement call on your part but always ere on the side of caution if you are unsure.

If you need to get permission from parents to feature a child in your book - please use our photo permission form or check with the school as they may have their own version which covers this.

sales, Ordering

Use our customisable order form to collect your orders - this is located in the Resources section of our website.


Place your orders using the 'ORDER' button on the Book Creator System. We will email you an invoice with instructions on how to pay once goods have been dispatched.



Should be sent on receipt of invoice. Please ensure you pay promptly so as not to delay your books. A range of payment methods will be outlined for you on your invoice including BACS and Credit Card, if you are paying by cheque please make these payable to 'Cauliflower Group LTD'.​

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